Signum Idea

Creative laguage of storytelling

We are the creative team, the team of people who create great concepts and designs for modern storytelling for every thematic venues and challenges in Poland and other countries.

Our experience from various areas and industries filled with fresh and innovative approach to the space and interiors results in unique and original ideas, very different perspective in comparison to the standard ways of expression and – what is most important – integrate them into the story and scenario where You are part of it and totally amazed like You were inside of it.

Poznaj Signum IDEA

Our goal is inspiration, changing perspective, the way we look at the surrounding world and influencing by the design and emotions.

We use… o yes, we do… modern technologies because we want You to be invited to participate, experience and be amazed how we can change Your point of view when You are involved in all Your senses in the story we are telling using very surprising ideas. Building interactions and rendering the story is the key for our innovative ideas which makes every experience easy to understand. We put all efforts to see the world by the eyes of the visitor.


Creative interaction

Our team consist of designers, graphic artists, architects, engineers and educators and many other consultants depending on the project we are working on. These team can guarantee the quality and level of knowledge for every design or concept we are releasing and You can be sure that every project will have its own original story, solutions and approach to differentiate our customers from the others with using the most recent way of interaction to influence every user and speak the language which can be understood by everyone.

Grzegorz Augustyn

Team leader

Marek Broda

Concept and strategy

Andrzej Libera

Architect / Designer

Konrad Cieślak

Graphic artist

Dariusz Wywrot

Multimedia engineering

Monika Kwaśniewicz

Educator and Scientific information design

Paweł Szarek

Branding and Information design


Our story

From idea to implementation

We act as the think tank. We cooperate very closely with every customer and Investor, designer or architect, Contractor to create unique and original solutions with innovative approach to the most recent technologies, ways of interaction and creating stories and scenarios. We involve multimedia, mechanical design and modern material engineering and use them in the way no one expects to increase the level of emotions, suspension and effectively interact with every user. We are using the WOW effect not only to amaze but to fully engage everyone.

Możliwości Signum IDEA

We create and cooperate thinking about future

We have tools and background to build and test our solutions no matter what size they are. That is why we are not just creating the ideas but we are able to transform them into real life solutions. Soi t is not just storytelling but creating the surrounding reality, in a very different way, with skills and expertise as well as the element of fantasy which is neccessary to speak everyone’s language.

  • Contest design
  • Concepts and Designs
  • Project strategy
  • Project specifications
  • Education programs and scenarios
  • Functional and application drafts and design
  • Design and Build
  • Multimodal Implementation and Executive Design and Specifiaction
  • Temporary and Permanent Exhibition Design
  • Interactive, multimedia, augmented I virtual reality solution design and implementation
  • Museums
  • Science and Education Centers
  • Cognitive science institutions
  • Visitor’s attraction centers
  • Corporate and Entertainment markets
  • Creativity and learning centers
  • Education laboratories and Universities
  • Every enterprise which needs the creative approach and different perspective…


„Dom Wody” – Szlak Przyrodniczy Pogórza Ciężkowickiego.
Muzeum Rotmistrza Pileckiego Dom Ostrowi Mazowieckiej

Praca konkursowa – styczeń 2018. Projekty w zespole z Andrzejem Liberą.

Centrum Nauki o Bezpieczeństwie INNOPOLICE
Babiogórski Park Narodowy
Ośrodek Rehabilitacji Dzikich Zwierząt
Interversum – Mapping 3D w Kopalni Soli w Wieliczce
Ścieżka w koronach drzew
Ekspozycja multimedialna w Kopalni Soli w Wieliczce
Gorczański Park Narodowy

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